Alternate Lesson Time or Makeup Lesson: This is a lesson that is rescheduled for a different time or day than your regularly scheduled lesson time. It must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance of your regularly scheduled lesson time.

Credited Lesson: A credit ahead toward the next month’s payment. Only one credited lesson is allowed per month and only two per year. Please see Extended Leave from Lessons section for additional options.

Forfeited Lesson: A paid-for lesson with no credit or alternate lesson time available.

Policies on missing lessons: 

If you cannot make your regular lesson time, I will try to work with you to find an alternate lesson time during that week. However, if I have a full schedule of students it is not always feasible for me to work in another lesson time on top of an already full schedule. During the school year, it is next to impossible to find alternate lesson times. If I do not have an alternate time that works for you, and a lesson cannot be rescheduled within the same month as the canceled lesson, it will be considered a forfeited lesson, unless in extreme circumstances. Alternate lesson times will only be arranged once a month per student and require a minimum of 24-hour notice.

No shows and lessons cancelled with less than a 24-hour notice will result in a forfeiture of your lesson time and no reimbursement will be made for that time. Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration.

If personal illness causes you to cancel your lesson and you cannot schedule an alternate lesson time, I will credit that lesson to the following month’s tuition. This will count toward the 2 per year credit limit.

Bad Weather Policy: The weather is beyond my control. Any cancellations due to bad weather will not be credited. Those who feel it is too dangerous to come for a lesson should not come in. (Please always follow your instincts). For those who feel the weather has improved enough to make it in, I will be available to teach. I can always set up an online lesson with you during your normal lesson time if you decide not to come in due to bad weather.

Holiday Weeks, Spring Break and Summer Vacation – (This includes Christmas Eve day, New Year’s Eve day, and Halloween). Credited lessons and alternate lesson times are not available for lessons missed during these times. The majority of my students usually take off a week or two during the winter, fall, and summer holidays, and for spring break. To reschedule a week’s worth of alternate lesson times, or even a days’ worth, would be very difficult if not impossible. To credit multiple students at one time for missed lessons would be financially impossible for me. Your tuition pays for a reserved spot on my schedule not just the individual lessons given.

Extended Leave From Lessons:

If you need or want to take some time off lessons for an entire month or more for a vacation, or for an injury or illness, and you wish to continue lessons at the very same scheduled spot you had when you return, I can reserve your spot for you for a holding fee that would be half the normally charged tuition while you are on break. If you do not wish to reserve your spot during an extended break, I will have to open it up to the next available student, and I will have to find different spot for you that is available when you return. The holding fee would be paid before the beginning of the scheduled break.

Discontinuing Lessons:

A two week notice of discontinuing lessons with me is greatly appreciated.

If I Cancel Lessons: You will normally be credited ahead to the following month, and it will not go towards the 2 per year credit limit. Under certain/unusual circumstances, I may reschedule a lesson I have cancelled.


I will not be in to teaching on these days. You will not be charged for lessons on these specific days.

  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Day

I will be moving my regular lesson times to morning and early afternoon spots on Christmas Eve day and New Year’s Eve day, because school is not in session. If you are scheduled for those days and you choose not to come in, or cannot make it in, it is considered a forfeited lesson.

Lesson Policy (Print)